Monthly donation drive

Women, girls and transgender communities throughout the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) are going without their monthly care items! Let's come together as a community and help out. Everyone is welcome!

Join us once a month (just like our periods) to gather and organize donations of menstrual items, underwear and toiletries to distribute to local shelters and centres. We require donations of individually wrapped pads, tampons, panty liners, feminine care wipes, hand sanitizer, panties, soap and toiletries. Every bit helps! If you are unable to make it out, please let us know and we can arrange for pick up, and remember, we try to do this every month!



Help support creative programming for at risk children and youth and margenalized communities. 

Creative expression is important for at-risk children and youth who may not have a voice.  Connecting in a safe and inclusive environment to create art with focus on healing, self-empowerment and social justice are just a few ways in which we want to engage our youth!  Children and youth do not have access to these kinds of art programs and we would like YOUR help in providing this access.  Your donation will go far in helping to access these spaces and provide arts programs for youth that may need it the most but cannot afford it.  Access is important and every bit helps!



If we as a community don’t step up to help each other, then who will
— Kathy Grime

Contact Us if you would like to help out at any of our workshops or events! We also provide high school students with their community service hours.