Your Space


A space for YOU!

Jothi supports you one-on-one using creativity, mindfulness, movement, and spirituality, as tools to hold safe space as you explore and journey back to self.

Sessions are curated with love and intention with special attention given to you and your unique exploration, discovery and reclamation processes. Jothi supports you in areas of transition/change, healing, recovery, grounding/centring , connectivity, identity, purpose, and more!

You are not alone!

Your $210 investment for the month includes:

2-hour weekly sessions OR 8 hours to be worked out between you and Jothi

Materials, supplies, healthy and yummy refreshments

*BONUS! $50 special for a 1/2 hour photo shoot and 1 edited photo of YOU outside of our 8 hours together!

Her Space


A space for Sisterhood

Each month, Jothi along with experienced facilitators, will hold safe space for up to 15 women to gather, create meaningful connections with other like-minded women, give back to self, move and create together!

Every week we will introduce mindful physical, creative and spiritual tools for exploration, discovery, and reclamation in areas such as various stages of being a woman, relationships, sisterhood, motherhood, work/wellness balance, change/transition, healing, recovery, purpose & passion, and more!

Your $210 Investment for the month includes:

2-hour weekly sessions

Edited head shot

Materials, supplies, healthy and yummy refreshments

Our Space


A space for Community!

A creative space where art+wellness+mindfulness meets YOU!

· Work Place Creative Calming Zone

·Community Engaged Arts through Workshops, Programs, Festivals, Forums, and Gatherings

· Professional Development/Wellness for Teachers & Educators and ARTS Education in the Classroom around identity, mental health and wellness.

· Birthday Parties & Special Celebrations

· PA Days & Camps

$110/hr investment + supplies and materials

Special Projects


Creative Community


To ignite public spaces with the stories of BIPOC(Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) using ART~

Creative Community Pilot

In Partnership with CDCD(Community Development Council of Durham) with an IMPACT Ajax Grant

June-July/Oct.-Nov. 2017

Find Jothi art and other creative products that embody and express who you are in our collections!


Let's Connect, Create and Build together!