Stepping out


I am so excited to announce the birth of my baby HERSpace on September 21st! It has been a long time in the making. A space that I curate and create for others. A space that represents who I am as a woman, artist, mother, facilitator, wellness advocate, and community builder. A beautiful way to show up and step out and I am so frickn terrified! It’s a very vulnerable position to be in. I feel like I am putting it all out there and know deep inside me that I am going to do amazing. There is small area of doubt though. Can I do this? Will folks come? Will women even register for the program??

I was part of a creative mastermind group at the start of summer and when it was my turn I addressed my fears. I was told to do some visualization around the participants that I want, what they look like, what the space and activities look like. All of this time, I was visualizing an empty space that looked beautiful and completely set up but now I knew that I had to imagine the women that I want IN that space and IN the HERSpace Program!

I also asked about bridging the gap between that personal connection with folks in the community to let them know about HERSpace and the digital presence of posts and sharing. Again I was given great advice to schedule IG and FB lives to draw an audience and to engage about HERSpace in that way. Cool!

I am still hella scared.

I guess that it’s normal to have some nerves because I am working very hard on this and want it to be a huge success. So yeah, I should be nervous.

The lessons during this process are so huge for me. My mentor and Sacred Sister, Kemba gave me some great advice to ask for help and support and to be very clear about what I want/need while clearly defining my expectations. I find it challenging to ask for help but in this process of planning and executing my vision, I realized that in the past, I had been asking the wrong people for the wrong things and my expectations were unreasonable. Like, how could I expect support from someone who just did not have the capacity to support me? Now, I understand that I need to be clear about what it is I desire, do the things that I am strong in myself, and ask for support in areas that I am not so strong in or in areas that I just need some encouragement in. I am learning that support comes in many shapes and sizes from prayer. reflection, gratitude, holding space for me to get back to Spirit, Ancestors, my heart, joy, to think out loud, brainstorm, mastermind, be accountable, better organized, to laugh, dance, let go, cry, rest and receive! SO much learning and I am grateful for it ALL!

So, as I put myself out on a limb, I understand and know that this tree that I am on has deep and strong roots, has many sturdy branches that reach far and wide, and the limb that I am on, is a courageous one full of light and love. It is a beautiful branch with big leaves and abundant fruit and flowers! Every single day I believe more and more in my purpose and know that I am being held and carried by Spirit and Ancestors!

Stop by the HERSpace Launch and see what it’s all about, I would love to meet you.

The HERSpace Programs begin in October and registration is open! It’s time to put yourself first and fill your cup!

Love & Light,