Joan Saldanha

Joan Saldanha has always been an artist and an empath.She grew up with many adversities where art and writing helped her cope and move through some of the pain, fear and trauma that she was experiencing. Her journey with healing art continues today not only with her own healing process but also through facilitating workshops for children in the Durham District School Board, adults in Durham Mental Health Services in their New Leaf Program and seniors at various retirement homes. Joanie has always wanted to give back.

She began volunteering 6 years ago with Community Care Durham in the  COPE Program, as a personal support person and arts facilitator. In 2015, Joanie spearheaded the Canadian Chapter of #HappyPeriod which was founded in Los Angeles. Joanie collected donations of over 5000 feminine care products and distributed them to over 35 shelters throughout the GTA in 10 months.

Now Joanie has expanded her scope and focuses on the wide range of needs of marginalized people in the community, schools, workplace and shelters specifically women, youth and our aging community.

Sandy Morales

Program Director

Sandy a professional with over 20 years of experience in the Technology sector. Having worked for several private, non-for-profit, and government organizations; Sandy has managed multi-million dollar projects and worked with countless vendors to achieve success. Sandy is a mother of five with 2 very high needs children and has great understanding of what it takes to support them in their journey. Raised by a mother who suffered with mental health issues, she became aware at young age what it meant to struggle in this way and how at times it could feel insurmountable. Having worked directly with the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Community Care and Access Center, Various Shelters and Rehabilitation Centers. Sandy continues to be a champion for mental health issues and awareness.