Artist Life

For the last two years both my kids have been in school fulltime.  I decided to pour my heart and soul into my visual art, photography and writing. It’s been an amazing journey with my very first show in the Fall of 2013 as a vendor and then Summer 2014 I did my first Art in the Park, Fall school fair, and a few Christmas shows. It has been a great start!

Now I am set to vend at the Mommy & Me show and do some photography at The Strength of a Woman event this weekend followed by an interactive art exhibition in May and a solo show in July!  In between I have had my poetry, art and photography published in From the Roots Zine and The Ride or Die Project.  Needless to say, I am trying my best to take a variety of creative steps and although I am unsure where these steps will lead, I am trusting the process and enjoying every minute of it!

I strongly believe that networking and marketing oneself takes on many forms. Getting out there and doing different things enables me to meet and get to know a lot of new and interesting people while creating new connections, business contacts, creative collaborations and being around positive and inspiring influences. 

I just finished my second Hashtag HappyPeriod GTA, where I organized volunteers to meet at a Scarborough shelter to assemble feminine care kits. We then carpooled to various surrounding shelters to hand out and distribute these kits to Women and girls staying there.  Having my children involved in giving back makes it extra special and shows them the importance of compassion and empathy in this world!

I had my very first Brown Girl Badness and The Sister Season gatherings in March and April which expanded my horizons immensely!  I began BGB with two other amazing fierce brown gals to bring together a much-needed Sisterhood amongst Women of South Asian ancestry. Our first meeting was pretty amazing with 14 ladies who were politically charged and ready for some bonding!  The Sister Season was again a way for me to connect with some super inspiring and creative Women in Toronto.  We spoke on matters of the heart, our families, our views on racism, social justice, travel and parenthood, to name a few.  I continue to teach Healing Arts classes once a week with Durham Mental Health Services and their New Leaf program which enables me to share what I love and what helps me to heal and cope with life’s adversities.

Facilitating the above groups has enabled me to find my voice again.  I am putting myself in positive stimulating situations and circumstances that are leaving me feeling charged and full of life, ready to take on the world!  The ride has been intense and exhilarating and I look forward to even more great experiences and interactions ahead! Forward intentions