All of Me Pt. 2 - Poetry

Shea butter on my face
Keepin up with the race
to find myself

before I find myself underground.
I turn around

and see my face lookin back at me

I ask myself the question

what have you done?

Learn and in turn

dare to share
to care
There’s always time to spare

to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Shea butter on my hands

tryin to over stand

where I take a stand
Puttin thoughts n words into action
Less reactions more interactions

will bring me satisfaction

This I know because I begin to glow.

Shea butter on my ashy brown skin

Lettin it seep in
Deep penetrations cause motivations

infatuations as to who’s within

Smoothin out the wrinkles as my skin drinks it all in

Quenchin my thirst

puttin me first.

Shea butter all over my brown skin
through the thick and thin
Parts of me
In every fold and crevice
In every wrinkle and blemish


relief from within.

Replenished shiny brown hues
Give me clues as to who’s
Really real
How I choose

to feel

to heal

and deal