My journey continues…

So my journey continues with a few bumps and some new opportunities.  June has been a bit of a challenging month thus far but is now taking a turn for the better.  I am sure I can thank Mercury in Retrograde for that in part, and PMS in other parts and just good old unexpected let downs and trip ups on my part.  What I have always found so fascinating is the timing of all of these parts set in motion with such synchronicity! Just as the saying goes….when it rains it pours!!!

I am still trying to master the art of pain management.  When I speak of pain I mean emotional and mental angst from the past and the present.  I feel confident that I have done a pretty good job of late in my pain management especially because it’s what I help others to do.  For the past 3 years I have volunteered with DMHS(Durham Mental Health Services) where I offer weekly support to an individual and for the past 6 months I have been facilitating weekly Healing Arts Workshops.  With individual support I mainly offer my ear and act as a sounding board for my client’s woes and make a conscious effort to respond with empathy and compassion.  I gently guide and encourage my client to always begin with daily affirmations and gratitude and then self-care followed by intention and goal oriented exercises.  With my healing arts workshops, I specifically focus on and teach various meditative and intentional art forms to help with expressive release, coping and navigating through pain, stress, fear and anxiety, all which have helped me immensely.

So, now for the ironic part!  I was my client and I was my art student….lost, scared, sad, lonely, anxious and confused.  I WAS THAT PERSON!!!  I have always helped people…ALWAYS!!  I was a huge support for my Mom during some tumultuous times as a child when I really don’t think I was emotionally or mentally equipped to do so.  That role or I should say hat never left my head.  I am the support and sounding board for many family members and friends.  I realize now that in taking on that role it becomes very convenient for me to not only not talk about myself, but to also not express my pain during tougher times.  I never really had that voice and I am just now beginning to find it.  As I explained in an earlier blog post, during my Chakra Healing, my throat Chakra was completely blocked and now the need to find my voice has never been stronger.

With my role as volunteer I still continue to wear that supporter hat, but I feel like I have to practice what I preach and hold myself accountable to the advice and tools that I give to others.  How can I possibly ask anyone to love themselves, care for themselves and heal if I don’t do that for myself?!  So here I am, exactly a week after my ‘low period’ writing about it, reflecting on it.  It all begins with acknowledgement.  I always look for acknowledgement of my feelings good or bad because I somehow need that validation even though I know good and well that it’s not necessary for my survival.  But, I think in acknowledging my pain I can then affirm myself and give myselfpermission to feel down.  It’s okay to stop, to cry, to reflect and feel down.  None of us are perfect and it is the slip ups and trip ups that make us who we are.  Next I have to follow-up the acknowledgement/affirmation/compassion I show myself with self-care.  What am I going to do for myself to recharge my soul, what brings me joy?  So, I went dancing on Friday night! For me, there is nothing like great music to make me move and release all of that pent-up negative energy!  Now, I am here…what’s the next step?  Time to meditate and set up(I like to journal) my intentions and goals to turn things around.  This will help with visualization, accountability and focus!

When I decided to follow my own advice, the universe began to send the positive energy right back to me…what you put out will come back to you…quantum physics and the concept of connectivity and fractals.  Try it!

  1. Acknowledge your pain…cry, talk to someone, write/draw/sing about it…just ACKNOWLEDGE IT!  Give yourself permission to feel…show yourself some compassion and empathy first!
  2. Self care…self love…meditate, breath, do something that feeds your soul and recharges your core.  What brings you joy?  DO THAT!
  3. Plan…set up realistic short and long-term goals(don’t forget to include dates)…journal, vision board, visualize to help you focus and hold yourself accountable.
  4. Follow through, take baby steps, share #3 with loved ones, GO AND GET IT CUZ YOU DESERVE IT!!!

The rest will take care of itself because whoever and whatever is taking care of us and this planet will feel and hear you…I promise!


Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey!  Please feel free to comment…I would love to hear from you!  AND remember sharing is caring:)

Peace, Love and Light (((((((((<3)))))))))