Founder Joan Jothi Saldanha

Jothi means light in Sanskrit

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Since the birth of her children and coping with the grief of losing many loved ones in the early years of motherhood, Jothi discovered a deep sense of responsibility toward her own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Throughout Jothi’s journey of self-discovery, she saw that holistic health care approaches were gaining popularity and that there was an important place for art and creativity in prevention, healing and recovery! Jothi has a real purpose and passion for bringing art into healing practices and spaces. The healing and learning processes are unique to each person and creativity opens up different ways to have those tough conversations when words cannot be found.


It is Jothi’s mission to teach folks how to use art as an important tool for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Art has many wellness benefits:

  • Stress Reliever

  • Healing tool

  • Self-expression

  • Story telling

  • Improves self-awareness and provides clarity

  • Fun


Jothi first discovered her love of all things art as a young child.  Dealing with parental domestic abuse and alcoholism, she found herself alone and scared. Her family was one of 3 South Asian families in the small town that she grew up in which made her feel even more isolated. Jothi used visual art, writing and music as outlets to express her pain, tell her story, and as a coping tool to help her process her life at the time. Jothi’s art became her voice and the only way she felt she could be heard.  Visual art, writing, reading and music brought her peace and calmed her anxiety, allowing her to imagine and create worlds where she could be free, happy, and seen.  Creativity was a chance for Jothi to change her narrative.


Jothi continues her personal healing journey in her arts practice and does art for commissions, exhibits and showcases.  Jothi’s community engaged work began in 2015 and is ever evolving as she builds key partnerships and meaningful relationships with local non-profit/community/grassroots organizations, schools, parent/youth groups and the corporate workplace.  It is important to Jothi to represent and lead in public spaces, to inspire and empower our young people and work force, and to engage and captivate the community through ART!

The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.
— Ananda Coomaraswamy

Contact Jothi for commissions, exhibitions, shows, live art, creative programming and workshop facilitation in your school, workplace, facility, and community!